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15 Apr 2020
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RUBBER BEARING PADSRUBBER BEARING PADRubber bridge bearings / elastomeric bearing pads are bearings made of natural rubber and reinforced by the addition of steel plates. Rubber bridge bearings /elastomeric bearing pads are manufactured to standards that support vertical loads with minimal compression, allowing expansion and contraction of structures with minimal resistance and provide even movement or rotational capacity in accordance with the design of the bridge expert / engineer. Rubber Bridge Bearing produced by Cahaya Sakti Pratama follows the average standard for the movement of load bearing and rotational capacity evenly distributed throughout the bridge surface.GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS:Elastomers or rubber used in bridge bearing rubber usually use natural rubber compounds
if needed, there are various types of synthetic rubber that can also be used, such as chloroprene which is often referred to as "neoprene".
The steel plate will be coated with strong rubber or coated with a special coating.
The perfect bond between the steel plate and the elastomer is produced under high pressure during the vulcanization process.
Standard production bearings from natural rubber compound with a nominal 55 IRHD added with additives to ensure quality.
CAHAYA SAKTI PRATAMA can produce rubber bridge bearings following the specific specifications required by customers with designs that have been adapted to certain load and environmental conditions in accordance with the bridge design.In simple terms the use of rubber bridge bearings / elastomeric bearing pads is to support vertical loads on the bridge by providing minimal compression, so that it will result in contraction and expansion / shifting of the structure with minimum resistance. Besides this rubber bridge bearings / elastomeric bearing pads can be installed easily and are free of maintenance.In some of the more sophisticated bridge structure designs, the rubber bridge bearings / elastomeric bearing pads are incorporated into a more integrated structural system with the aim of strengthening or increasing the bridge structure's resistance to various other loads. For example withstand loads that might occur during an earthquake or other possibilities that might occur.Our design and research section will assist you in meeting the needs of rubber bridge bearings / elastomeric bearing pads that best meet the most appropriate specifications, including for special needs that require specific designs and requirements.

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