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elastomeric bearing pad Rubber
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06 Apr 2020

Specification of

Rubber elastomeric bearing pad
The type of elastomeric bearing pad rubber currently exists vary, and each type of elastomeric bearing pad has different functions and uses.
This elastomeric bearing pad rubber usually consists of a number of layers of rubber separated by a steel plate, usually shaped to accommodate the movement caused by the shear and rotation deformation. This type of elastomeric bearing pad provides a highly economic solution for applications where small structural, longitudinal, transverse and rotational movements occur, as well as providing vibration isolation and are generally very easy to install.
This type of elastomeric bearing pad is much easier to install on the bridge compared to other elastomeric bearing pad types. The advantages of neoprene rubber of this plain bearing are: the ability to transfer or transfer the load it receives from the beam to the bridge substructure evenly and smoothly and also able to accept the rotational load from the bridge beam. With these advantages, the lateral and longitudinal movements caused by the thermal conditions will be easily overcome by neoprene rubber bearing this type of bridge.

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