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MC Nylon sheet
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15 Apr 2020
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Cheap Nylon sheet MC
MC Nylon sheet Cheap Different Color Blue / White / Black MC Nylon Sheet is the generic name for long chain amide family of polymers. General characteristics of nylon include toughness, strength, abrasion and fatigue resistance, low friction coefficient, resistance and heat resistance.

Cheap Nylon sheet MC

The cheap MC Nylon sheet has ease of fabrication and many superior properties. Nylon has found wide application for bearings, ring, ring, seal, gear, guide, roller, disposable plate, fasteners, insulator, dies form, arm, liners, cooling fan and many other parts. Nylon properties include high wear and abrasion resistance, with low coefficient of friction and high strength weight ratio. Nylon has the corrosion resistance of alkali and organic chemicals. Nylon is non-abrasive for other materials, has noise characteristic damping and is also a good electrical insulator. Nylon material is not UV stable, but USDA and FDA compliant

Nylon Raw Material

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