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Selling Rubber from Light Sakti Pratama in Jakarta. Rubber is one of the industrial materials that is widely applied to various household, industrial, automotive, and other products. What is Rubber? Rubber is a hydrocarbon polymer contained in the latex of several types of plants. Some other plants also produce latex latex with slightly different properties from rubber, such as members of the fig family (for example, banyan), sapodilla (for example patchwork and sapilla manila), other Euphorbiaceae, and dandelions. Rubber plants have extensive roots, their tap roots can grow to the ground up to 2 m, while the lateral roots spread along more than 10 m. A rubber tree with a height of 15-25 m. Rubber can be divided into two types namely Natural Rubber and Synthetic Rubber. Cahaya Sakti Pratama sells KARET products and also Industrial Rubber Products, Rubber Parking Crubs, Rubber Engineering, Rubber Conveyors, Rubber Dock Bummper, Eva Sponge Products. For supply and demand, you can click on the quote request button.

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