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Bollard bitt Kapasitas 15 Ton

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13 Sep 2023
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Bollard Bitt

Specification of Bollard bitt Kapasitas 15 Ton

Bollard bitt Capacity 15 Tons
Bollard bitt, or also known as bollard cleat, is a device commonly used in maritime and marine applications in Indonesia to secure ropes, cables and chains. It is an important component in mooring operations and provides a reliable tie-up point for ships.
Bollard bits usually consist of a horizontal shaft of metal or wood with one or more horns or spikes rising vertically. This design allows rope or wire to be tied and secured around the horn, providing a secure belay point. Bollard bits are often found in ports, wharves and marinas in Indonesia.
The main functions and benefits of bollard bits in Indonesia include:
Boat Mooring: Bollard bits provide a strong and secure mooring point for ships. By tying the mooring ropes around the horn of the bollard bitt, the ship can be properly secured when mooring at a wharf or harbour.
Load Distribution: Bollard bits help distribute the load generated by the ship when it is berthing. By using the correct bollard bits, stress on the mooring lines and other mooring structures can be distributed evenly, preventing excessive damage and keeping the ship safe. Marine Bollards
Rope Handling: Bollard bits are also used in rope and cable management in ships. They provide easy-to-reach lashing points for controlling and managing the rope, enabling efficient and organized boat operations.
Maritime Security: Bollard bits help ensure the security of maritime operations by providing a reliable fastening point. This is important in preventing drift or unwanted movement of the ship at rest.
Bollard bits can be found in a variety of sizes and constructions, depending on application requirements and required load capacity. They are generally made of a durable metal such as steel or cast iron, or a strong wooden material such as oak or lime.
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