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Rubber Fender

Specification of V TYPE RUBBER FENDER

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Rubber Fender Type V / Arch Fender Commonly used for port or dock. Fender V is a kind of fender that has been optimized for increased energy absorption for reaction force ratio. Very easy installation. ,,,

The primary function of the RUBBER FENDER TYPE V system is to prevent vessels and docks from damage arising during the process of sealing the vessel and while the vessel is leaning. External forces, such as abrasion and other natural factors, are very likely to occur when the ship is docked. This can cause fatal damage to ships and dock structures if there is no intermediate system. Because it required considerable cost to repair vessels and dock structures, a rubber cushion was mounted on the side of the pier called a fender or marine fender.

RUBBER FENDER TYPE V is designed to absorb the energy thrown from the ship (often called energy absoption) so that very little energy is received by the dock. The reflected force of this absorbed energy is removed from the fender and is called a reaction force.
Therefore, the amount of energy absorbed and the reaction force given becomes the main criterion considered in designing the fenders.
There are various types of fenders commonly used as dock bearings, for example: cylindrical fenders, type V, A, and M, super cell, super cone, tugboat fender, etc. Therefore, to choose the right type of fender, there are several factors that must be considered, including the type and weight (dimension) of the ship is docked, the type of port, the state of the marine environment, and whether there is guidance when the ship docked.

Marine rubber fender type V is one type of rubber fender is tough, can work with a stable, has a simple design, and durable. Provides the ability to meet various needs for anchoring activities. This type of rubber fender has good reliability and strong attachment to other materials as supporting structures. Marine rubber fender type V has a higher performance than some other types of rubber fenders.

This type of dock fender rubber has good stability and strong attachment with other materials as supporting structure. This type of rubber fender is used to prevent damage to the hull and other parts of the ship. Marine rubber fender type V has a high energy absorption capacity so that it can withstand heavy load collisions from ships anchored. In addition, this type V fender rubber also has a reaction force and higher energy absorption than on the fender dock type cylinder rubber.

Installation of marine rubber fender type V is quite easy so it can be more economical. Rubber fender dock type V can be mounted vertically or horizontally. This type V rubber fender type can be used for the edge of the dock and also the ship because it has a wide shape at the bottom and smaller at the top. Rubber fender dock type V has a variety of sizes and has the ability to withstand collisions or high energy absorption. The size of the rubber fender type V can be adjusted to the function or needs and structure of the port.

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